Miss India Johar Goes Bald and Donates her Hair for Cancer Victims

Miss India Johar Goes Bald and Donates her hair for Cancer Victims. OMG yes she did it and surprised her fans by setting an example for humanity

Thamaraii who’s the winner of Miss India Johor 2014 promised that she’ll go bald and donate her hair to Cancer Victims if she wins the competition

Miss India Bald Headshave

The Hair donated by her will be helpful to make a wig for cancer patients and Her Bald head will raise some attention in the system will helps in promoting awareness on Cancer

Miss India Goes Bald

Source: Dailymotion

in the above video you can clearly check the noble thing done by Thamaraii. She Shaved her Head after the competition and she’s the beautiful ever inside and outside.

Ladies don’t prefer shaving their Heads in any cause they do it occasionally. That too if there’s something in return they’re expecting like vow to a God for blessings.

But this girl is different. Hacks on Hair respects her and encourages people who think like her. Hats off. She’s a True Role Model

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  1. Hello, cheers for all the good work. Looking to donate my > 8 inches hair. Done it before at Green trends, not sure if you have a tie up with any place in Chennai or Bangalore. Let me know, thanks!


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