Charmme Kaur gets Undercut Makeover

Charmme Kaur gets a undercut, Popular Tollywood Actress Charme Kaur has gone for another shcoking makeover. Recently Charmme Kaur was all over the news when she chopped her long 18 inches hair and donated to cancer patients

Now she’s done a bit further, She has shaved her nape hair and flaunting her gorgeous undercut. This was reported by Charmme Kaur itself that she has gone for an undercut makeover

She visited  Miracle Salon, Hyderabad got her new makeover done. Going for such a shocking haircut is very new to people in India. No actress haven’t done such a Makeover up to now.


Charmme Kaur sure has guts to undergo this haircut which includes shaving her nape area. For people who doesn’t know what’s an undercut is, Means shaving back of people’s head ( Nape area ) and giving a different look than before.

In hollywood many popular actress have undergone ending up a makeover like this. The list include Popular singer Miley Cyrus , Popular actress Scarlett Scarlett Johansson and the list goes on.

Generally the undercut has been one of the favorite haircut makeovers for Men, they sure rocked for several years. Recently many females are committing to get this trend set everywhere

Charmme had very beautiful locks before she donated them to cancer victims and now she is rocking this cool new Undercut with a Hair tattoo on her Nape

Charmme Kaur Undercut



In an interview about her new undercut she mentioned how she felt while having the make over done….

When the razor touched my scalp and I heard that grrrrr …sound, I had goosebumps. I felt crazy and liberated -like I was flying. However, it won’t change too much when it comes to styling -whenever I want to flaunt the undercut I can pull my hair up, if not I’ll just let it down,“ she says.

Charmme Kaur before Undercut



? #Subiramreddygaru #energetic #vizak

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Charmme Kaur has been posting all her pics of New look and her works of Hair donation on her Instagram , You can check more there.


Charmme Kaur has gone for another Undercut and shared her new Hair Tattoo design on Social Media. here’s the pics of her New Design

Charmme Kaur Undercut New Design 1 Charmme Kaur Undercut New Design

Charmme Kaur Haircut

[Update: 22/10/2016]

My wildness is hidden on my backside ? #undercut #hairtattoo #miracle #crazyme

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