Neymar Haircut – Awesome Neymar Jr.’s Hairstyles 2017

Neymar Haircut is still one of the most popular haircut’s that people are willing to give a try. Many people just adopted the look after Neymar first gone for it.

He posed in the appearance during the World Cup and what can we say about this killer look. Neymar Jr.’s became a Fashion icon during those days of his funky fresh mohawk based Haircut

Neymar haircut got this achievement as Fashion Icon despite he being one of the Youngest Soccer Players at that time. Not only from Brazil but from World

Neymar Jr later went off the experiment some of his looks basing on his hair shape and all. And that didn’t stop, he went on changing his Mohawk to Undercut, Fading it and long stubble hair look and much more.

here are some of his Best Looks during his time and still rocking stills of his haircut.

Neymar Haircut

Neymar Haircut

Neymar Hairstyles 2017

In this pic, Neymar Jr turned his neat haircut cooler by bleaching his hair. The blonde look on the front hair is looking awesome. Neymar Haircut is as awesome as his Soccer Play

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Neymar Mohawk

Neymar Jr. Sure knows how to rock a cool Mohawk, In this pic, Neymar hairstyle is seen with some Bleached Blonde Highlights on short mohawk Neymar Mohawk highlights

Some his hairstyle’s are clean shaved side looks with short Mohawk’s. Here’s how he look in the Haircut. This look is more attractive when some Hair Tattooing is done on it. In this Neymar is just having 2 sharp line shaves with Straight Razor on both sides of his head


This is the short style of his Haircut with buzzed and the back is eventually joined in the buzzing of the haircut. Looks more elegant with some wet look on it.

Neymar Buzzed Haircut

This iteration of his Haircut is a complete fade look of sides of the head. In this Pic, Neymar Hairstyle is done by fading both the sides of his head.

Neymar Hair fade

Wrapping Up

Most people think that this Neymar Jr. haircut is rocking these and I’ve seen that many individuals are opting for this look. I should myself have a try

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