South of France Haircut – Everything you need to know

South of France Haircut? Looks weird right? Yeah, Somewhat. But most people haven’t heard about it. But sometimes you might feel you’re not having enough grip over fashion and trends when someone tells you about ” South of France Haircut “.

Because you haven’t heard about it. So why don’t we start explaining what exactly is South of France Haircut ? and how it looks.

What is ” South of France Haircut “

South of France Haircut sounds like a Mohawk, but it’s somewhat different than that. Mohawk looks like shaven sides, and the middle of the hair is very long right.

South of France Haircut

In South of France Haircut, The sides are shaved or faded which is obvious, but the middle portion of the hair length is not that long when compared to a Mohawk

The central part of the hair is cut shorter in Height and Width and thus makes it as South of France Haircut. It also knows as ” Gentleman’s Mohawk .”

South of France Haircut looks somewhat decent due to low hair length and thus makes a Punk Mohawk into a Gentleman’s Mohawk.

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What made South of France Haircut so popular these days?

The haircut became famous when Popular Singer ” Usher ” Started sporting the look. His barber, Curtis Smith, named it as ” South of France. ” The look was created especially for him.

South of France

Most of the people are thinking to try the trendier look like Mohawk these days, but due to personal reasons, they’re not going to. Mohawk looks funkier and not suitable at all places

So here’ where South of France has an advantage, It actually gives a Trendier look you all wanting for and apart from that it suits everywhere.

When we think about maintenance and stuff, I would say that this has more advantage when compared to a funkier Mohawk like Neymar Haircut

Usher South of France

Due to low Height and Width of the middle part of the hair on the head makes it one of the very less maintainable haircuts out there. People with all types of hair can try this, Curly, Straight or whatever. South of France just fits for anyone.

Even some Girls are trying it out. What do you think? will you give it a try? Do post in the comment section below.

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